I am extremely excited and honored to be co-leading a holistic seasonal cleanse with my

good friend and colleague, Martha Rogers.  Participating in this cleanse twice last year

changed my life.  Some of the benefits I receive during the seasonal cleanses are:
-improved sleep            -no back pain                   -happier
-more energy                -little to no anxiety          -lighter
-clearer mind                 -no GI issues                    -no headaches

 Autumn has been a challenging time of year for me in the past.  As summer is coming to an

end, I don’t feel sad like in years past.  I feel rather open and excited to slow down and move

towards a time that is more reflective.  Over the past 2 years I have been committed to living

my life in accordance with nature and the seasons.  As a result I have more ease in my life. 

This cleanse has been instrumental in this journey.  Please consider joining us.

Autumnal Seasonal Cleanse: Reset and Recharge!
September 19th - October 3rd
Tuesdays, 7-9pm
$200 before September 1st
$225 after September 1st

Autumn asks each of us to shed what is no longer serving. Autumn, a yin season, implores us to consolidate our precious qi/energy as we move towards the depths of Winter. This 'Cleanse' is an opportunity to move inwards, to give kind attention to how you are nourishing yourself with food, with thought.

This is not a fast. Rather, an opportunity to align with the seasonal wisdom of autumn. We will eliminate processed foods, sugars, alcohol, caffeine, dairy.... and, nourish ourselves with balanced meals that include the season's harvest.

Together, we will offer support, guidance, inspiration for meals.  As a group we will meet on Tuesdays, September 19th, 26th, & October 3rd. 7-9pm. Each meeting will include a shared meal, conversation/teaching, and the NADA acupuncture treatment.

Feel free to email me or Martha with questions and/or to register:
rebeccakingacupuncture@gmail.com or fullmoonacupuncture@gmail.com
Please join us for this wonderful opportunity to reset & restore.
Register now and take advantage of the Early Bird Discount:

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