The results of my acupuncture treatments with Rebecca were impressive.  After a few treatments I was free of discomfort in my neck and shoulders, but i also had a noticeable change in my stress and anxiety levels.My experience with Rebecca and acupuncture was excellent.

-Scott, Pikesville, MD

I have noticed a genuine overall improvement in my stomach pain and also my general well being, stress levels, and overall happiness.  I have learned to get more sleep and take time for myself.  These treatments have changed my life in a way I never thought possible. 

-Josh, Baltimore, MD

During the year I received acupuncture treatment with Rebecca my stress levels were higher than normal with many decisions to make regarding life, career and moving.  I always left my treatments feeling more energized and focused on the decisions I needed to make.

-Jenna, Pikesville, MD

Rebecca cares deeply about her discipline.  She listens intently to me and offers kind and intelligent reflections in response.  She always leads with curiosity and offers genuine support.  The emotional and physical effects of acupuncture have been incredibly beneficial to me.

-Jessica, Baltimore, MD

From my first appointment with her, Rebecca demonstrated her superior ability to work with me in a warm and supporting manner.  Her professionalism and her knowledge of the field is evident in the way she addresses my concerns and in her decisions about my care.

-Sue, Fredericksburg, VA

Through acupuncture, Rebecca was able to help me eliminate all pain in my left shoulder.  My sleep improved from 3-4 hours a night to 7-8 hours a night.  Committing to acupuncture as a means of pain relief, and reducing anxiety has been a remarkable experience for me.  It is contributing to my overall well being.  Rebecca does this with compassion, concern, and courtesy.

-Paul, Carlisle, PA

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